Sunday School




Sunday School – Reach Deep; Think Big

Fifth Church Sunday School starts at 10:30am.  Children up to the age of 20 are welcome.  Students over 20 can attend our cutting edge Church services occurring  at the same time in the Church auditorium.  Reach deep and think big in all of our services.

Why should your kids come to Sunday School?

Your kids will discover their deep dark chocolate center!   Start now to reveal to them the skills they will need to handle the challenges of our world.  Give them the tools to bounce back and not break. What they learn in the Christian Science Sunday School will stay with them for a lifetime.  It will fill their mental back packs with Truth to lean on in the triumphs or tragedies to be pulled out whenever it’s needed. Truth never fails.

A Children’s Room for those too young for Sunday School

In our Children’s Room, your infant or young toddler will find toys, books, and games… and attentive attendants who will engage with them throughout the hour.

What’s in it for you – (as a parent)?

A quiet hour to refresh from the long days but short years of raising children.  You need to be fed too.  Keep your deep dark chocolate center rich.  Don’t allow it to get stale.

And remember Christian Science is fun!  ….. “If you’re not having fun practicing Christian Science…… you’re not practicing Christian Science!”       – Warren Huff, Cedars Camp director


Welcome to Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist in Dallas, TX!