Updates on Christian Science Churches in Houston Area

Here is what we know so far..

2 Christian Science churches in the Houston area have been damaged by the floods: Bellaire and 9th Church.

I have spoken to the clerk at 9th Church.  Yesterday they were able to get into the church and begin salvaging items.  Today they expect a crew to come and remove the drywall to prevent further damage to the structure.

The Christian Science church in Bellaire will need need new flooring and may have gotten damage to their organ and piano but are still sorting things out. Right now they are quickly removing items for cleaning.

No need to come to Houston at this time due to fuel issues, traffic and blocked roads.  We can address offering help by organizing and coordinating with other area Chrisitan Science churches in a few weeks. There is a great desire to reach out and help.

How can you help now?

Prayer is, of course, number 1. There are some very inspiring articles to be found by clicking on:

If one would like to make a donation to financially support branch churches or societies in need as a result of this storm, donations can be made to The Mother Church’s fund to aid emergency relief for branch churches and societies. Donations should be made by check written to “The First Church of Christ, Scientist” with “Disaster Relief Fund” noted the memo line and mailed to

The First Church of Christ, Scientist
Treasurer – PO Box 239103
Boston, MA USA 02123-9103

For any other questions, please be in touch with The Mother Church’s Customer Contact Center at +1 617-450-2000


The Principle Foundation, an organization founded to help Christian Scientists in times of need, is accepting donations to help individuals in the effected areas. Brian Stock is the contact at 800-826-7756. To make a donation to the Principle Foundation or to request help click here:


Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist, Dallas also has a designated fund to accept donations specifically for hurricane relief at our donation page on this website, through the mail, or at our church services.

You can click: Donate

You may also donate by sending checks to:

Bellaire branch Church Reading Room
5105 Bellaire Rd
Bellaire Tx 77401

The Texas Committee on Publications, Keith Womack,  has asked that all donations be directed to the above locations.  In that way, donations can be directed with more focus to meeting those in need.

Here is a note from Keith:

“Human mentality, expressed in disease, sin, and death, in tempest and in flood, the divine Mind calms and limits with a word.” (My. 106:19-21). How wonderful it is to know that the word of God calms the storms and instructs “the proud wave, ‘Thus far, and no farther.’”


More Help Available

Principia Schools

“Recognizing the impact on Christian Science families with school- and college-age children residing in areas affected by Hurricane Harvey, Principia is offering tuition-free enrollment (including no charge for room and board) for the 2017–2018 academic year.

Both Principia School and College are ready to welcome all qualified Christian Science students—preschool through college—from families who may be displaced or are in areas where schools and colleges may not be operational. Students from grade 7 through senior year of college can board on campus; school-age students can also be accepted as day students if their families relocate to the St. Louis area, either short- or long-term.

To obtain assistance and information on qualifying and applying, please use the following contact information:

  • Families with school-age children (preschool through grade 12) may contact Director of Admissions Adriane Fredrikson (adriane.fredrikson@principia.edu) or call the School Admissions Office at 314.434.2100, ext. 3610.

College-age students and their families should contact Director of Admissions Tami Gavaletz at tami.gavaletz@principia.edu or 618.374.5187



The Mother Church is providing financial assistance to Christian Science churches in Texas and Louisiana to repair and rebuild. You may refer anyone you know who may need this help to:

Suzanne Reidel at 617-450-3425 or 720-236-8597

Extraordinary Love is being shown by all

Thank you for your prayerful support