Totality Awesome Eclipse Viewing at Principia

Principia perfectly planned the eclipse watching  Party

Suns and planets teach grand lessons –  Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy

Here are some highlights ………

Professor and SETI Scientist, Laurence Doyle, leads the day for over 2,500 viewers.  Thank You!!













There was totality picnics …..

family picnic


Totality fun Games to play ….








Totality Educational Exhibits by Principia Students….

Principia student run booth
Prin student run exhibits – robotics
Prin student run exhibits – Science
Student run Exhibits – Robotics
Award winning Principia Solar car program
Award winning Principia Solar car program









































Photographers capture the totality moment……

Just totality Fun……


































Totality Wow!….








stars came out































Thank you to the totality awesome staff and the wonderful work Principia did in organizing this grand event!

Principia Eclipse Event