The 2017 Board of Directors Meeting In Dallas

The Board of Directors from the Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston came to Dallas

This trip is more than a ‘rally the troops tour’; it is a coming together to feel that energy of Spirit.  Let us walk in this energy and feel animated.  This idea has inspired a new theme for our next steps: If we live in the Spirit, let us walk in the Spirit.  We do this together; it is not an individual journey.  If we find ourselves walking into church “assessing” the scene, embrace it in Love instead.

Questions/ Healing comments were taken from the audience.

How do we keep the material systems of thought out and still welcome the individual?

How do we help Readers?

How do we bring unity in church to  heal a Sunday School in Crisis?

How do we provide better teaching in Sunday school?

The Answer to all? – LOVE! The Love that sets hearts on fire. Be part of the Big Adventure that is church by tending your fire .

This is The Monitor’s hour!

The staff is on fire with energy and love to  bless all mankind as no other publication does.  A video describing the progress of The Christian Science Monitor’s mission and purpose to inspire the World was shown. There is a newness of  Universal Spirit.  Yes, This is the Monitor’s hour!

Practitioners and teachers gathered to share ideas throughout the region on Friday.