Rare Subscription Edition of Science and Health


A Rare Subscription Edition of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy is proudly on display at Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist.

The Trustees of The First Church of Christ Scientist, Boston, under the Will of Mary Baker Eddy issued a Subscription Edition of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy in June 1941. One thousand copies of the edition were made available for placement in leading museums and libraries around the world.  The Trustees commissioned William Dana Orcutt, a well-respected writer and an award winning book designer/maker, to plan and supervise the manufacture of this edition at the Plimpton Press in Norwood, Massachuesetts.  Mr. Orcutt was also chosen because of his long personal association with Mrs. Eddy in connection with the manufacture of all editions of Science and Health during almost half a century.

This Subscription Edition is bound in a very fine quality of Morocco leather secured in India.  In format, it is a Super Royal Quarto, ten by fourteen inches.  It is set in red and black Laurentian type, originally designed by Mr. Orcutt and recut especially for this edition.  An excellent grade of pure linen-rag, handmade paper was obtained from mills which have been making paper for three hundred years in Kent, England.  The paper is watermarked with the trade-mark of the Cross and Crown emblem, the design approved by Mrs. Eddy for all authorized Christian Science publications.

Interested readers will find additional information and details about the development of this Subscription Edition, and also about the printing and publishing of Science and Health while Mrs. Eddy supervised, in the book by Mr. Orcutt entitled, Mary Baker Eddy and Her Books. Available in our Reading room.



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