International Christian Science Nursing Days at The Leaves

Everyone is invited to celebrate International Christian Science Nursing Days on Saturday, September 29th at The Leaves. Event begins at 1:30pm.

International Christian Science Nursing Days has been established to inspire awareness of the opportunities that YOU have to care for members of your family and church. Come learn practical skills that will truly help you love your neighbor. The provision for the Christian Science nurse in the Manual of The Mother Church is for every member. Everyone is welcome at this event!

1:30pm Guest Speaker: George Strong
George Strong’s experience in Christian Science nursing shows his great love for this Manual-based activity. A Christian Science nurse since 1975, he has served as a private-duty nurse, trainer, Assistant Director and now Administrator at Fern Lodge. George loves sharing his knowledge of Christian Science, whether in Sunday School, at a Christian Science Association or at local hospitals and colleges. George’s talk will be titled “Christian Science Nursing—Who Needs It?”

2:30pm Break for Snacks/Option to Tour the CS Nursing Wing

3:00pm Christian Science Nursing Arts Training Overview + Hands-on Practical Skills Everyone Can Learn Now
– How to help someone stand up from a chair, pew or car
– Ideas for helping someone put on a coat or sweater
– Helpful ideas for bathing someone
– Learn to easily remove a band-aid or bandage
– Ideas to safely help someone walk

4:00pm Closing Speaker: John Rinnert, CS

The Leaves, Inc.
1230 West Spring Valley Road
Richardson, Texas 75080-7709

(972) 231-4864

Institutional Committee Meeting Notes on: How do I stay Inspired?

Institutional Committee Workers Meeting
at Annual Meeting 2018

Discussion Notes for top 3 questions submitted

Question 1:

How to remain inspired, even when there doesn’t seem to be any
progress, no one is interested in meeting with a chaplain, or prison authorities are
resistant to CS ministry. And we’d love to hear about maintaining relationships
with institutions through our own workers’ turnover!

-Remember chaplain who sat outside prison gate for 1.5 years
-seen administrative resistance healed; reach out to head chaplains at prison; help them
understand that CS is a Christian religion; go in with open hearts; bring periodical article
-sometimes delay gives time to resolve things and open path for Pastor to have impact
-Interfaith chaplain did not want CS in prison; volunteers went every week and sat
outside jail and read Bible Lesson to the jail; volunteers made efforts to maintain good
relations with prison chaplain; got support from inmates; eventually difficult prison
chaplain was replaced; work of CS chaplains acknowledged by prison admin and
-one branch church has members write to inmates; share metaphysical ideas with them
-“Corresponding Chaplains” in CA; has brought many into institutional work; could
include SS students as well; Telmate system for communicating with inmates

Question 2:

Are there options for more comprehensive training before
volunteering at institutions? So far I have heard of training by the facility one is
serving at, but not much from the church – either The Mother Church or branch
churches. We obviously base our ministry on Christian Science, but additional
information and training from a CS perspective would be helpful as well. Any
advice to “newbies”.
-take interested members into prison as observers first;
-have group and individual training of new volunteers
-assess potential volunteers: accompany new volunteers before they begin work
-one group wrote detailed handbook for new volunteers;
-mentor over Skype; hold workshops for new volunteers;
-go into prison with love; look for spiritual growth of inmates; listen for God’s guidance;
-remember that Christ has gone in before you; Mind will guide you in what to say; you
are not going in alone;
-don’t get pulled in by argument of fatigue; the good work gives fresh energy
-remember the Pastor speaks to all; with motive to bless, we will be lead to find in the
Pastor what will speak to the situation; Pastor a complete preparation for this work;
everything you will need you will find in our Pastor;

Question 3:

How can we help discharged prisoners find their feet and continue
with Christian Science? Is giving money to them an appropriate step? If money
is appropriate, how to do it in a way that makes it so that provision is not taken
advantage of?
-Be proactive! Let soon-to-be-released inmates know of existence of our churches and
-help inmates understand true, spiritual source of supply; same source of employment;
prison rules may forbid giving money to released inmates(?) website has ideas someone said
-let churches in area know ahead if an inmate is about to be released in their community
-big need for released inmates is finding employment; perhaps write recommendation for
them; be wise and cautious in giving money; give for specific purpose; if you wish to give
a loan be discerning

There’s a new Version of CONCORD, Christian Science Study Software

What is CONCORD?

CONCORD is computer study software which provides tools for searching and studying the Bible, Mary Baker Eddy’s writings, and Christian Science Hymnals

Why do we need a new version?


*The new version has improved capabilities for smartphones and tablets. You can access citation lists,  manage your lists, and build new ones.  Listening to hymns on your phone or tablet is easier than ever before.  You can have this easy access with you all the time right in your pocket.

*Searches have been refined and simplified.  There are new search options:  “Stemming” and “Range Search” to aid you in focusing your search.

*The new CONCORD contains the newest Hymnal version, too.

*Cross referencing scriptural quotations in Science and Health and the Bible have been made more obvious.

Is it hard to learn the new tools?

There is a new website that has instructive videos and brief articles to tell you how to use the different aspects of the program.  You can access the free trial at:

Free 30 day Trial !!!

Details on the Upcoming College Summit

“Eternal Truth is Changing the Universe”

College Summit Aug 10-13.

Click here for information:


Registration Fee (Includes three nights of lodging (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) plus all meals, starting with dinner on Friday and ending with dinner on Sunday.):

  • $200 for students
  • $225 for recent grads
  • $275 for adults
  • Participants not needing lodging – $100


The College Summit will be held at The Mother Church at 210 Massachusetts Avenue Boston, Mass.
Housing is right across the street from The Mother Church at the Midtown Hotel. Meals will be at Berklee College, just two blocks away from The Mother Church

College Summit Schedule

August 10

10:00 AM Church Tours every 30 minutes until 5 pm (Portico)
2:30 PM Registration Begins (Portico)
3:00 PM Check-in Starts at Midtown Hotel
5:00 PM Dinner
5:45 PM Welcome
6:00 PM Walking Tour of Mary Baker Eddy’s Boston Experience
9:00 PM Hymn Sing in The Mother Church

August 11

7:45 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM Welcome and Keynote – Christian Science Board of Directors
10:00 AM Healing: The Role of the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s Works
11:00 AM Praying for Yourself: Breakout Discussions Round 1

  • Moving past anxiety, guilt, and depression
  • Financial stability
  • Finding your path and purpose
  • Worthy of God’s love: overcoming self-doubt
  • Meaningful relationships
  • Moral courage: the qualities behind our choices
  • Handling and healing grief
  • Staying true to yourself
  • Finding physical healing
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Quiet reflection/journaling

12:00 PM Praying for Yourself: Breakout Discussions Round 2 (repeat of  Round 1)
1:00 PM Lunch
2:15 PM Lecture: “Learn to Pray and Heal: A Spiritual Adventure” with Nate
3:00 PM Panel Discussion: Eternal Truth is Changing the Universe
4:00 PM Practitioners for the World: Breakout Discussions Round 1

  • Politics and good governance
  • Is inequality inevitable?
  • Finding common ground in the midst of conflicting opinions
  • Spiritual identity vs. sexual identity
  • Achieving a peaceful society
  • Resolving the refugee crisis
  • Demonstrating sustainability
  • Moving past sexism and sexual violence
  • World affairs: finding peace amidst the storm
  • Taking the terror out of terrorism
  • Quiet reflection/journaling

4:45 PM Ice Cream Party!
5:30 PM Practitioners for the World: Breakout Discussions Round 2 (repeat of
Round 1)
6:45 PM Career Workshops

  • Praying about direction/place/purpose/future
  • What is true success?
  • Politics and law
  • Journalism and media
  • Education
  • Nonprofits and social work
  • Working and interning at The Mother Church
  • International careers
  • Arts
  • Sciences
  • Entrepreneurship and Business
  • Military
  • Technology
  • Quiet reflection/journaling

7:30 PM Dinner
8:30 PM Contra Dancing + Board Games + Mapparium

August 12
8:30 AM Breakfast (Optional Discussion Groups)
9:00 AM Walking Tour of the Church Plaza
10:00 AM Church & Sunday School
11:15 AM Day Overview
11:30 AM Living Generously as a Christian Scientist
12:15 PM Church and CSO Breakout discussions

  • Why Church?
  • The Church Manual
  • CSO What/Why/How?
  • CSO Jam session

1:15 PM Lunch
2:45 PM Workshops

  • Christian Science Class Instruction (why, when, who)
  • Going into the full-time practice
  • Nurturing the practice of Christian Science in your life
  • Christian Science nursing

3:45 PM Getting Involved: Breakout Discussions Round 1

  • Writing for the Periodicals
  • Church and technology
  • Product development focus group
  • The Christian Science Monitor
  • Reading Rooms
  • Teaching Sunday School
  • Institutional work
  • Being a Reader
  • Committee on Publication

4:30 PM Break
5:00 PM Getting Involved: Breakout Discussions Round 2 (repeat of Round 1)
6:00 PM Wrap-up and Fruitage
7:00 PM Dinner
8:00 PM Free Time

August 13

*All Activities Optional

9:00 AM Organ Demo

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM One-on-one meeting slots* to learn about:

  • Christian Science Nursing
  • Military Chaplaincy Program

9:30 AM – 12:00 PM Human Resources Open House!
Visit HR to learn about working and interning at The Mother Church. They will also offer feedback on your resume.

9:30 AM Christian Science Monitor Page One Meeting* (limit 20)
10:30 AM Interested in Working for the Monitor? Meet with the Editors.* (limit 20)
11:30 AM Midtown Hotel Check Out – feel free to depart at any time on Monday.

*Sign-ups for one-on-one meetings and Monitor meetings will be sent out via email after registration for the Summit closes. Slots available on a first come, first serve basis.

The Leaves Presents: International Christian Science Nursing Days












This event will be held at:

The Leaves
1230 Spring Valley Road
Richardson, Tx  75080

For more information Go to:


The Leaves offers a unique haven for Christian Scientists to receive the help that is needed in a physically demanding situation such as bandaging a wound, help with mobility, or overall loving care when one can’t care for themselves. It’s a place where physical demands can be taken care of with loving and prayerful support of the Christian Science nurses and staff, while the Christian Scientist concentrates on prayer for healing.

The Leaves also offers Christian Scientist progressive residential living and opportunities for rest, study, and renewal in a vibrant atmosphere that is supportive of spiritual healing.

View the Annual Meeting of the Mother Church Live at the Reading Room

The New reading room location is the perfect place to watch the Annual Meeting of the First Church Of Christ, Scientists in Boston, MA –  LIVE.

4347 West Northwest Highway Suite 150
Dallas, Tx 75220

12:00 PM

The Annual Meeting, is a time to review the progress of the Christian Science Movement and to share successes around the world in meeting the needs of Mankind.  It is an inspiring event.

This will be the first Annual meeting viewing party to be held in our new space.  We would love for you to come and join us.

DiscoveryBound Compass: Program Orients Teens Toward God

From Questions to Clarity

Unsure about the truth of Christian Science, a teen navigating the Compass program emerges with a clear message: to be a healer.

“Why do bad things happen?”

“If doctors work, why don’t we use them?”

These were the questions Kaitlyn, a lifelong Sunday School student, was asking last summer.  The high school junior had reached a level of total disinterest in Christian Science and didn’t want to go to church any more.

Her mom, who had participated in programs at the A/U Ranches as a child and knew about Discovery Bound (DB), wanted Kaitlyn and her younger sister to experience the CS community as teenagers, so she encouraged them to sign up the the DB Outreach Nation Annual weekend in San Diego, CA over Labor Day.

“The weekend looked like tons of fun – the beach, the aquarium, sea lions, amazing lectures,” Kaitlyn says.  “Little did I know what I would get out of the life-changing experience.”

Although it was her first DB Outreach weekend and she knew only a few people on the trip, Kaitlyn felt instantly welcomed by the group. “You could feel the love and good vibes just radiating from everyone the second you walked in,” she recalls.

The feeling of community bloomed into a full sense of belonging when, during the weekend, she learned about DB’s one-year Compass program for 10th- to 12th-graders.  “The second we got home, I practically ran inside to register,” Kaitly says.  “I truly believe it was God saying ‘Go! Do this! You belong here!’

That weekend, I was the happiest I had been in a long time, she continues, “It was smiles and laughs for 72 straight hours.  It was the first time I had been aware of God’s presence and how He can make you feel – like your’re flying while keeping you so grounded.”

Between San Diego and the second Compass retreat in January in Colorado, Kaitlyn continued to sort through her questions about Christian Science.  She wanted a career helping people, like a therapist, but felt it conflicted with Christian Science.  Her commitment to Compass kept her practicing CS, although she resolved to stop when she turned 18 to study psychology.

As the second retreat approached, Kaitlyn says, “I was absolutely exploding with questions.  I knew they’d be answered but I just didn’t know how.”

The weekend kicked off with a talk by the event’s CS ( Christian Science) practitioner, Kathleen Moyer, and Kaitlyn says, “I was shocked to see that 11 other teenagers had the exact same questions that I did!”  The Q&A went on for more than two hours.  The same thing happened the next night.

Then, the following afternoon, everything changed.  “I got this very apparent angel message that I am meant to be a practitioner,” she says.  She told Kathleen, who shared that, growing up, she loved helping people and, through a series of angel messages and life events, felt clearly led to a career as a CS practitioner. “it just clicked,” Kaitlyn says, “The birds started singing, the rainbow shot across the sky, fish jumped in the pond, and flowers bloomed like it was finally summer after a freezing winter.”

Earlier in the week, we talked about that ‘gut feeling’ and how that is God communicating with you” Kaitlyn continues. “Every time I think about being a practitioner, I get that feeling.  I just know its’s what I’m meant to do.”


For the rest of the story go to:


DiscoveryBound: National Annual Weekend: Boston

“Eternal Truth is changing the universe.”
Science & Health, 255

Join us in Boston for this very special, fun and inspiring National Annual Weekend!

Teens will be joining The Mother Church’s biennial College Summit for a day of talks and activities, exploring the sights and sounds of Boston, and having lunch at Longyear Museum. Adults will be touring The Mother Church (TMC) and Mapparium, exploring the city of Boston, and visiting a couple of Mrs. Eddy’s homes with Longyear Museum. Everyone will be staying in the air-conditioned dorms at Boston University and enjoying a Saturday evening cruise in Boston Harbor.


This event has two tracks – one for teens and another for adults. We hope to see you there!


  • Teens: 8th-12th grade (Fall 2018 school year) Christian Scientists and your friends of all faiths.
  • Adults: DB Volunteers and adults interested in DB.


Early Registration
April 2-June 15
June 16-July 30
Teens $240 $270
Adults $395 $425


Registration and travel financial aid is available for teen participants.

Don’t miss out on this great weekend! Click below to check out the weekend’s activities, and sign up today!

See for an inspiring article about Discovery Bound.

Welcome to our healing church!