Gratitude and Giving request from the Texas Christian Science Institutional Committee


Annual Meeting 2017 was filled with gratitude, inspiration and progress.

The Executive Board wishes to thank all of the volunteers and the churches for the selfless love and generous spirit for this work.  Below are links to three of the zone reports and a link providing a way for you to help give a gift of The Christian Science Monitor or Christian Science Sentinel.

Outreach to Prisons





It is the time of year for giving.    And the State Institutional Committee has a need.


We have many more requests for Monitor subscriptions than can be filled within our budget, so we need your help!  Sharing.


The Christian Science Monitor is a simple way to introduce Christian Science to inmates; a proven way to change lives; a great way to support the cause of Christian Science in the state of Texas.


The State Committee has obtained the Christmas gift rate (20% off) for sincere seekers of truth who have requested an annual subscription.    For $89.00 you can give a subscription of a The Christian Science Monitor.   There are two ways you can give:

1. By credit card.  Use the donate button to contribute $89 through PayPal

2. By check payable to the C. S.  State Institutional Committee in the amount of  $89. Please designate  CSM and mail to:

Christian Science Comm
Attn: Elizabeth Arnett
P.O. Box 1381
Roanoke, TX 76262

Thank you for considering this very special gift.

You will find a donate button at the bottom of the page link below to make a paypal donation to the committee for Christian Science Monitors

Outreach to Prisons