Come Study the Bible with us!

Come join our vibrant, animated group.

Meetings are monthly at 6 PM on Saturday evenings and start with a potluck dinner.

There is nothing like breaking bread together while delving  deeply into the Bible.

Our location rotates to different participant’s homes.

 For information on our meeting location and topic contact our church Clerk at

Comments from participants:
“There is just nothing like this Bible study group. It has really opened my eyes to the depths of the Bible.  It has made my study come alive with new ideas.”Karen

“I love coming to the Bible study.  It feeds my soul.  Most of my day is spent serving and providing for others.  The Bible study is something I get to do for myself.  It is the cup of cold water that I give to myself.

Being part of the group is a fun way of making a commitment to digging into the Word of God.  I don’t know that I am disciplined enough to do it on my own!  I love coming together with others that have the same desire to grow in their understanding of the Bible.  It is a safe place to think, share and learn.  I feel safe in the group because I feel no judgment when I have a different perspective than someone else.

If someone were to ask me why they should join the group…. I think this group is a great balance of “fellowship” and learning. We get to laugh and listen to one another during a great meal.  The discussion questions are not only educational, but leavening.  My thought is always lifted up higher when the evening is over.”Elizabeth

Welcome to Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist in Dallas, TX!