Institutional Committee

Christian Science Committee on Institutional Work in Texas 2019 Mid Year Report


Amplifying the message of the Christ and Christian Science in OUR COMMUNITIES -in juvenile, state, federal, county, substance abuse, and nursing facilities.

What you should know about January –June 2019

❖We have a bulk subscription for 600 myBibleLessons currently being mailed into 74 different facilities
❖47 new names were added to the mailing list for the Bible lesson mailing; 44 were removed
❖We have 142Christian Science Sentinel subscriptions
❖We have 329 The Christian Science Monitor subscriptions and adding more weekly
❖This office distributed 81 Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures; 68 Bibles; 16 Prose Works; 18 biographies; 11 Hymnals
❖Spanish material distributed:9 Science and Health;5 Bibles; 177 El Heraldo; 166 Spanish FullText; 18 Spanish translated biographies or other writings by Mary Baker Eddy
❖66 donated periodicals were mailed to individuals
❖Three lectures -Fujiko Takai Signs, CSB, Kari Mashos, CSB, Brian G. Pennix, CSB
❖Three new applications for membership in The Mother Church
❖Austin Zone has four volunteers serving at Gardner Betts Juvenile facility
❖DFW Zone has 17 volunteers providing services at two federal, two state, and one county jail; provides one-on-one chaplain visits; has four “mentor through mail” volunteers
❖Houston Zone has eight volunteers providing services at four state facilities and one county jail; provides one-on-one chaplain visits to three additional state facilities
❖San Antonio Zone has seven volunteers providing classes in two county jails, one treatment center and occasionally at a juvenile detention center, and “mentors through mail”
❖Individuals in Abilene, Amarillo, College Station, El Paso, Lubbock, Midland, and Tyler are providing one-on-one chaplain visits, writing letters, visiting county jails, and starting new services at state facilities

1. We are so grateful for a $20 gift from an inmate, a$5,000 grant from the Solvang Christian Science Society, and the generous contribution from the members of the former Corpus Christi branch.
2.Third Church Dallas is holding a men’s night for parolee and home-less men at their Reading Room. The men meet once a month to help provide mentorship and acting as role models.
3.The Veterans group at the Michael Unit were able to listen to a copy of the podcast “Helping to Overcome Gun Violence”that addresses PTSD with Military Chaplains Matthew Schmidt and Terri Erickson interviewed by The Christian Science Journal’s Roger Gordon. There were between 50-75 attendees.
4.The Principle Foundation is offering support for Christian Scientists incarcerated and newly released citizens. Funds are available for basic needs like shoes or hygiene items. For the citizens newly released, funding for housing, bus transportation,and food allowances will be made on a case by case basis. Contact –Jeff Harbin
5.There is a new cell phone App “under construction” that will help connect volunteers with newly released citizens to assist them in housing, job searches, church connections, and even free legal advice. More information will be available at the State Committee Annual Meeting in Austin on Saturday, October 26th.
6.The Mother Church held a national meeting for Institutional workers in Boston during Annual Meeting weekend. Christina Huston, CS and Rita Robles, CS represented Texas at this year’s meeting.

Patrick at the Clements Unit in Amarillo wrote, “The Bible lessons improve my theology. Every Bible lesson is a classroom and I’m enjoying the lessons. I’m very glad that it’s God’s master plan for me to absorb the theology contained in the Bible lessons.I know that God’s thoughts are born in our silence. I’ve learned not to take matters into my own hands because I could be responding to a difficulty in an inappropriate way that’s going against what God is doing. So, I wait on God’s perfect timing for Him to give me provision, vision and guidance. Every mailing of myBibleLesson is a victory. They are indispensable and vital to my spiritual life.”