Announcing The New Fifth Church Reading Room’s Exciting New Views:

New Address:

4347 W Northwest Highway Suite #150
Dallas, Tx  75220

New Color:

We have a new updated color scheme

Reading Room Color Scheme









New Store Front:

The new store front will feature 3 open sections. The Left side will include our familiar  and welcoming door  from the current site.   The Center window will showcase posters and inviting scenes.  The far right window will feature an ongoing video feed on a large screen running 24/7.

Store Front Elevation









New Concepts:

When you stop by the Reading Room on a regular business day,  the space will be set up for quiet study and reading.   It will have an area for book sales, 2 separate quiet reading spaces, Computer desks for individual study, a large center table for spreading out research materials and a couple of comfortable lounge chairs.

Welcoming Entry
Welcoming Entry


Special Events:

If you come by the Reading Room for a special event, the space can be transformed into a larger meeting area capable of hosting 25 for a Skype event or video presentation.


Now we can also host smaller events with 8-10 people gathered around the additional computer areas for a more personal video chat.

Or a committee of 6-8 may  meet here to gather around the center table.



We are very excited to share the new views of our Reading Room.  Because we will be reusing many fixtures from the current reading room, we will be closed for a few weeks during construction.  Check this website for updated closings. Take advantage of our sale prices now  – 20% off on many items.

We hope to be moved into the new space by Dec 1, 2017